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  • Dixie Ultra™ SmartStock® Classic Spoon Dispenser, Series-O, Translucent Black

Dixie Ultra™ SmartStock® Classic Spoon Dispenser, Series-O, Translucent Black

Each of these sturdy, visually appealing towers is designed specifically to hold and discharge one of three types of self-serve utensils – fork, knife or spoon. There isn’t a more efficient or orderly way for you to stock – and your customers to select – the cutlery that is an essential part of your everyday foodservice operation. *SmartStock® dispensers are only available via lease with GP or authorized distributor. Refill option: SSS51
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  • SmartStock® cutlery dispensers deliver utensils one at a time-reducing usage on average by 29% compared to open bins
  • Dispenser holds up to 120 SmartStock utensils
  • Promotes good hygiene - enclosed design protects cutlery from contaminants
  • Reduced Consumption- One-at-a-time dispensing reduces cutlery usage on average by 29% and up to 49% vs. open bins. *Source: Independent research commissioned by Georgia-Pacific
  • Speeds up restocking - just load the refill, insert, rip, pull and your done in seconds
  • Frees up valuable counter space - sized just right to keep things looking neat and organized
  • Gives you greater efficiency - a clean and simple alternative to open cutlery bins
  • Product Details

  • BrandSmartStock®
  • SKUSSSD120
  • UPC078731942654
  • Each Per Ship Unit1
  • Case Total1
  • Case GTIN10078731942651
  • Case Gross Weight9.475 LBS
  • Case Dimensions (LxWxH)25.250" x 11.500" x 7.250"
  • Dispenser Dimensions (WxDxH)10.000" x 8.780" x 24.750"